Suck It, Cancer non-profit organization partners
We are so proud to be aligned with organizations that directly contribute to the fight against cancer! From each sale of
 Suck It, Cancer apparel & merchandise, we donate 10% of your purchase price to non-profit organizations, helping cancer patients in need.

1.) You are helping to fund the fight against cancer!
2.) Your customers are as well! Let them know that a portion of their purchase price goes to cancer patients in need.
3.) You don't have to do anything. We make the donations from OUR sales to you. So by simply carrying the Suck It, Cancer line, you are involved in a pretty great program without losing a penny of margin.

Sounds like a win-win, eh?

Check out our partners and see how the donations from your purchases affect the future and make a difference in the lives of those fighting the battle against cancer.

The Corson Pink Ladies (also known as Bottoms Up Pink Ladies) is an all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit organization based in Corson, SD. Through various year-round fundraisers, they:

     --- raise money to provide cash donations to cancer patients in need
     --- host celebratory ceremonies to honor "Ribbon Warrior" patients
     --- have donated over $145,000 directly to cancer patients since 2014


Also known as Cowgirls & Cocktails, this 501c3 non-profit organization is based in Colorado Springs, CO. They make a direct impact in cancer patients' lives by providing funds for such necessities as:

     --- vouchers to help chemo patients obtain wigs and other headwear
     --- gas cards to help get to and from treatment appointments
     --- nutritious, home-delivered meals for cancer patients and their families

These 2 organizations are close to our hearts here at Wilder Wholesale. We are so proud to be able to play a small role in the amazing differences they are making in the lives of those fighting the battle against cancer. For more information on the individual organizations, click the links above.